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Thanks for visiting your local Roofing experts in North Snohomish County. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality Roofing, Solar, and Gutter services at the most affordable rates. We also offer free estimates.

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Washington Roofing Services specializes in the Installation of most types of roofing systems. Our Owner is involved on every roof, and our professional roofers have you covered whether you want metal roofing, quality asphalt roofing, or flat roofing.

We only offer the highest quality materials, love what we do, and have built our reputation to be a pillar in our Community. Call us today, and we can figure out what may be best for your situation!

At Washington Roofing Services, we are specialists in roof replacements, inspections, insulation, gutters, and repairs (in the off season). I, Andrew, handle all the bids and lead the crew. Call the listed number today and speak directly with me!

Washington Roofing Services is a Family owned and Operated company. We have built our foundation in the North Snohomish County area. We love this area, and we are committed to our relationships here. We take pride in offering ourselves to our customers.  

The products we use are superior. Residential roofing is our specialty. Our services are personal, high quality, and have proven long-lasting results. Businesses and homeowners throughout Marysville and the surrounding area have cherished working with us; the feeling is mutual!

Our comprehensive safety policy, environmental and social sustainability practices, outstanding communication, and personalized service highlight our excellence. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge products and technology to meet our client’s needs.  Washington Roofing Services and our roofing contractors aim to create and deliver customized solutions for both new construction and existing properties. We are the go-to residential and commercial roofing company, and we know you will be pleased with our work.

Hiring a Roofing Company should be a Comforting Experience

Hiring a Roofing company is a big decision you should feel good about. A fully licensed, bonded, and insured Contractor is a must. A certification is also a handy tool for fortifying a reputation. WRS has served Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood for years, earning over 100 five-star reviews!  We are a Premium Certified Contractor with the Market’s highest quality shingle manufacturer, Malarkey Roofing Products. This is their highest level of designation, one that had to be earned with reputation and a nomination. 

Here at WRS, we have set up our business to serve our customers the best during their reroof process. We also take pride in giving our customers the best value for their money. Choosing a reputable roofing contractor will save money for a homeowner. Having a reputable roofer install your roof rather than a “cheap” contractor will save you thousands of dollars and headaches.

Washington Roofing Services offers competitive pricing and the highest level of service. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, our roofers are manufacturer certified, and we can provide our customers with the best warranties in the industry.  Each year, we attend several continuing education events to stay current with industry trends and leading installation techniques and to learn new ways to add value to our customers.  With hundreds of thousands of square feet of roofing material installed over the years, Washington Roofing Services has excelled in the industry. 

We are among the top roofing contractors in Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood. Washington Roofing Services should be your go-to roofing company if you want your roof done right, on time, and with great respect and care for your home or business.


Washington Roofing Services offers free estimates with the Owner himself. We would be delighted to provide you with a custom proposal tailored to your needs. Call us today to speak with the Owner directly. If you choose our family-owned company as your roofing contractor, you can be assured your experience will be top-tier. We use only the highest quality products and first-rate attention to detail. An experienced foreman oversees all of our jobs with heavy Owner involvement. Every task is completed with one goal in mind: perfection.

Our roofing crew is knowledgeable, clean, and understands the value and respect that your home and neighborhood deserve. As a result, we always take our time and effort when finishing a job.  Each job receives the attention and time required to meet the high standards we maintain at Washington Roofing Services.

Referrals have always been our primary source of new business, and we are proud to have a reputation that our clients are willing to share. We are a family-owned and operated roofing company serving Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood for years.

We Provide

Superior Quality

Reasonable Price

Locally Owned & Operated

Malarkey Certified Roofer

Years of Experience

Best-in-Class Warranties


As a team of light commercial roofers, Washington Roofing Services would love to take a look at your project. The Owner himself will collaborate with you and coordinate what you need. Our service areas are Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood.  Whether you require a complete roof replacement, roof repairs, or insulation installation or are planning a new construction project, we provide professional and dependable services.

Whatever the materials your plans call for, we can help. We specialize in standing seam metal, single-ply membranes, torch down, commercial asphalt, and others. A lot goes into a commercial project. Call today to speak with the Owner. Our professional crews work on commercial projects surrounding Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood

Thorough processing

Years of Roofing Experience

Eco-Friendly Roofing Contractors

Setting the Standard for Quality

Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty

All types of roofing


Is it time to replace the roof of your house? Washington Roofing Services Services has proven its reputation over the years. We provide high-quality residential roofing services in Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood. 

We are proud to meet your needs with high-quality products, installation, and impeccable cleanliness. Furthermore, we always take precautions to minimize disruptions to your daily life.

We provide a high-quality flat and pitched residential roof repair and maintenance services. Our shelters are built to last and intend to improve the appearance of your home.

Our Roofing Specialties are:


Complete tear-off and re-installation of a new roof. We have created a process that is efficient and minimally intrusive. We take excellent care of your home during this difficult process and provide a comforting experience for our customers.


We offer Free estimates for a roof bid. We charge a fair rate for real-estate/ Insurance inspections.


Our experience in roofing brings you excellent repair abilities for those emergencies (only offered during the off-season).

Our roofing contractors will take care of your roof in Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood.

Why Should You Hire Washington Roofing Services?

The mission of Washington Roofing Services is to provide expert, professional, client-centered roof repair and replacement services. 

We are at the top of the list for reputable roofing contractors in the Marysville area. We have built a long relationship with our commercial and residential roofing customers in Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood by providing dependable service.

What Can You Expect from Washington Roofing Services?

We are committed to using the market’s best materials and offering the best warranties, all for an affordable price. We are the best value!

Washington Roofing Services’ top priority is to meet your needs. We are devoted to providing you with the best product, service, and quality in the roofing industry.

You can expect our employees to follow a process. We work hard, stay organized, and communicate well. Our Owner is directly involved with every roof.

Our prices accurately reflect the costs of materials and labor. Before the work begins, you receive an accurate estimate for your roofing project.

We have continued to devote time, attention, and exceptional service to our customers.

We take pride in our honesty at Washington Roofing Services. You will have the best roof in the neighborhood when we’re finished!

Ready to get your project started?

As a Certified Contractor, we can install our roofing systems in a way that our Manufacturer will extend their warranty terms. This translates to better coverage and security for our homeowners.

Get in touch with the Owner of WRS for more details.

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Solar Panels

Washington Roofing Services has partnered with a local solar company to bring the best of both worlds. We are the roofers, who mount the panels, and our solar friends do all the design and electrical work. 

Who better to install your roof-mounted panels than a real roofer?

Our solar professionals will gladly answer any questions you may have. Learn more about Solar Panels, or call or contact us online today for your free solar estimate!


Call us now for services in Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood.

Gutter installation

Gutters are easy to replace during a reroof. Both systems have a similar service life as well.

We have partnered with a local gutter company with an excellent reputation to install high-quality seamless aluminum gutters like ours. They come in many colors too.

If you don’t want to replace them during a reroof, we won’t hurt them during our process! Completely optional.

Call Washington Roofing Services or contact us online in Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood for your free gutter estimate!

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing can be a challenge; tenants, parking lots, day to day operations, etc..…  

Here at WRS, the Owner is directly involved in the planning and installation process.

You can be assured that your needs will be met and details will be followed.

We specialize in Roofing, insulation, gutters, and the relationship!

Learn more about the commercial Roofing you have with Washington Roofing Services in Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood.

Skylight Installation

Here at Washington Roofing Services, we love skylights!

We hear all the time that skylights instill fear in homeowners. We understand this, but we don’t fear them! It all comes down to installation.

Here at WRS, the sky’s the limit, pun intended.

Our team can assist you in selecting the design and what’s best for you, thanks to our extensive product knowledge and a wide variety of products. 

We want you to have a positive experience with our products and knowledge, and we want you to be satisfied with the new skylights you have installed in your house or place of business in Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood.

Residential Roofing

Washington Roofing Services is North Snohomish County’s best roof installer; we believe this. We eat, sleep, and breathe Roofing.

The Owner will meet with you directly and discuss your roof’s options. 

We educate every homeowner about roofing materials and installing a new roof system. Installing a high-quality, long-lasting roof is what we live for.

Call Washington Roofing Services today if you need residential roofing services in Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood.


The average cost of a new roof is $10,000, with project typically ranging form $8,500 to $14,300. The exact price depend on material, labor cost, where are you located and more.

Solar panels cost, on average, about $16,000, or between $3,500 to $35,000 depending on the type and model. While solar panels can help save you money on energy costs, it’s important to know the overall startup solar panel costs so you can plan a budget.

For a standard 3-tab asphalt shingle roof, that’s 25-years. As long as your roof has been properly ventilated and installed you should get pretty close to that 25 years of roof life. So obviously you want to replace your roof before it starts leaking or fails completely.

However, in some cases you can just replace the shingles on your roof and not the entire roof itself. This is, of course, a much more preferable action as it will take less time and cost much less to replace shingles than it will cost to replace the whole roof.

Average cost to replace a roof based on house size 1,000 square feet: $4,000 to $5,500. 1,100 square feet: $4,200 to $6,000. 1,200 square feet: $4,500 to S6,500. 1,500 square feet $5,500 to $8,000.

Asphalt Shingles: 15-30 years. Wood Shingles. 20-25 years. Rubber Roofs: 30-50 years. Metal Roofs: 50-75 years.

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic or PV panels, are made to last more than 25 years. In fact, many solar panels installed as early as the 1980s are still working at expected capacity. Not only are solar panels remarkably reliable, solar panel longevity has increased dramatically over the last 20 years.

Seattle is a great place to go solar. You’re probably using Seattle City Light as your utility. Seattle City Light’s full retail net metering program makes going solar in Seattle and excellent investment. The most significant incentive to install solar panels in Seattle is the 26% federal tax credit.

On average, a 4-bedroom house in the USA requires 7.75kW solar panel system. When using 375W panels, you will need to install 21 panels.

Washington provides a sales tax exemption for solar energy systems, such as rooftop solar panels. The exemption is available through 2029 and can exempt sales taxes for the purchase of machinery, equipment, and installation of solar energy systems.


Yes, they do! A common myth is that solar panels do not work during winter. Interestingly, the cold temperature will typically improve solar panel output.    

The average gutter installation costs $800 to $6,000 or $4 to $30 per linear foot The U.S. national average is closer to $2,300 but varies based on gutter material. Vinyl gutters cost as little as S4 per linear foot, while high-end copper is priced as high as $30 per linear foot.

While the cost to repair or install gutters can be subtracted from the home’s value, gutters usually do not add to the value of a property. That’s because home appraisers view gutters like the tires on a vehicle-they expect them to be in working condition! 

Typically, galvanized steel or aluminum gutters have an average life expectancy of 20 years, while copper gutters can last as long as 50 years. By inspecting and cleaning your gutters twice a year you should be able to identify any issues before they turn into major problems.

TPO roofs are often considered the most common commercial roofing material because of their durability and resistance to the elements. Additionally, they’re often less expensive than other roofing options and can be installed relatively quickly.

TPO roofs consist of a rubber membrane that’s fused to a polyester fabric. This combination makes them resistant to tears, punctures, and hail damage, and they can withstand high winds and extreme temperatures. They’re also waterproof and help protect buildings from UV radiation.

Commercial roofing refers to the installation of commercial roofs for businesses, warehouses, and other large commercial structures. A commercial roof provides protection from the elements like snow and rain for the contents and occupants of the business inside. 

A residential roof tends to have a higher pitch than a commercial roof. It is a smaller than a commercial roof in most cases. The surface usually has nothing sitting directly on it, with the rare expectation of solar panels. Openings in the roof are minimal, Usually confined to chimneys, vent stacks, and skylights.

The truth is, a commercial roof installed with any of the listed materials will last between 15 and 25 years when installed correctly. In other words, the longevity of your roof is largely dependent on the installation process and regular maintenance.

 The truth is, a commercial roof installed with any of the listed materials wil last between 15 and 25 years when installed correctly. In other words, the longevity of your roof is largely dependent on the installation process and regular maintenance.

  1. Skylight aren’t right for all roofers. Stick-framed roofs, built which individual rafters spaced as for as four feet apart, tend to be better suited for skylight because they leave enough room to cut and fit a skylight between the rafters. 

In fact, new skylights add tremendous value to your home. This small investment can have a major impact not only on energy savings but also on how your house will present to buyers when you decide to sell one day.

What our customer says about us

Michael McWilliams
Michael McWilliams
It was a great pleasure doing business with Andrew and the Washington Roofing Services Team last summer. Prior to our contract he brought us a bundle of every shingle color so my wife could decide if their colors would work. HIs bid for a roof replacement for our house and shop was extremely competitive. The work was excellent and done on time in spite of the challenges posed by the "heat wave". He personally did the complex sections of the job. Now that we have made it through the winter freeze and rains without a problem I give them the highest marks.
Michael Knapinski
Michael Knapinski
Andrew has done several jobs for my family as well as referrals. Does what he says he’s going to do. Professional owner and crew. Honest and doesn’t cut corners. Cheap for the quality he puts out ✅✅✅
Kyra Dyer
Kyra Dyer
Andrew is a joy to work with and he takes great pride in his work. He and his crew are professional, hardworking and respectful. The roofing product is very high quality and my new roof is absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend Andrew and his company, and I would gladly work with them in the future if the need should arise.
Mike Pokswinski
Mike Pokswinski
We had a great experience using Andrew for our roof replacement. We had two layers that needed to be removed before the new roof could be laid down. Andrew, himself, worked alongside his crew every day and worked as hard, if not harder than they did, to give us a roof we are very satisfied with. He paid great attention to detail throughout the job. We were impressed with the replacement of the flashing around our chimney and the placement of the diverters. The accountability of having the owner of the business working alongside his crew was invaluable. Thank you, Andrew, for a very professional job. Mike and Leslie Pokswinski
Justin McElroy
Justin McElroy
I had Washington Roofing Services install a new roof on my house and it looks beautiful. Out of the three companies I contacted, the owner Andrew was the most knowledgeable, communicative, and punctual out of all of them. They had a very competitive price. They estimated a two day demo/install, but with the speed and efficiency of the crew, they could have completed it in one day. One of my neighbors was jealous of the options they offered and the quickness of their work, and I agree. I would recommend their services to anyone that asked.
Coleen Eastham
Coleen Eastham
Washington Roofing Service is a great company. They were very professional, timely, and provided a great product when re-roofing our home. When the job was finish, our patio, driveway & yard were very clean. Owner was on the job every day, all day. Top quality service from a top quality company. Thanks Andrew, Mark & team!
Debi Kirac
Debi Kirac
This is a great company. We were very pleased with the work and professionalism of everyone on the project. We had to replace the roof on a 600 sq. ft. outbuilding. They were able to match the exact same product on our house even though it was not a product they usually use. They worked hard and got it done quickly. It was nice to never hear any swearing or foul language. They went above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend them to anyone! Debi
As a 1st time homeowner, Andrew helped me by answering my questions, made time to come by and give me a quote. (Same day) Andrew even helped me with some cleanup after a recent wind storm. Showed me all my options. He was patient, understanding and very helpful. Referring all my neighbors to his company. Update: 2/27/2020 Andrew and his crew showed up early around 7:15 and was very polite and efficient. These guy tarp the area around my house to catch any falling debris. They cleared my old roof with in a couple of hours ( small home). They made sure to protect my porch window as they were clearing the old roofing material.They had cleaned the area even before the new roofing materials arrived. Color me impressed at this team's work ethic as well as professionalism. I am so amazed and blessed to have called Washington Roofing Services. Andrew and his time are amazing and very knowledgeable about this industry. I tell you this, look no farther; Washington Roofing Services is the best in town!! If I could give them 10 stars I would! (More pictures to come.)

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