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Skylight Installation

Skylights can provide natural light and other benefits if you want to illuminate parts of your home without increasing energy consumption.  Skylights and sun tunnels will not only brighten your home but also provide solar heat and ventilation, reducing the load on your HVAC system. Washington Roofing Services is your go-to expert for skylight installation and repair. We love to add skylights to homes in any fashion. There are so many options.  Contact us if you are looking for a skylight installation near me.

Repair and Installation of skylights

We’ve noticed people can be scared of skylights. Fear no more! Our skylights don’t leak because they are done correctly. The sky’s the limit with our skylight options.


There is an adage that all skylights leak; this is only true for those not installed correctly.  Fortunately, the experts at Washington Roofing Services can repair your damaged or leaking skylight. The flashing around the opening installed incorrectly causes most problems. Moisture in your home can cause stained ceilings, poor air quality, and other water damage. If you notice a problem with your skylights, you should have them inspected and repaired as soon as possible.


If you want to add a skylight to your home, Washington Roofing Services can assist you in finding the ideal solution. You will not only be able to light your home with natural sunlight, but you can also be able to vent your roof by allowing outside air to enter. Natural light, solar heating, and home ventilation are all advantages of installing a modern skylight. We are home improvement experts, and all skylight installations have a limited lifetime warranty.


Schedule an estimate with the residential skylight installation experts at Washington Roofing Services today. We have served our clients in Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood for years, focusing on customer service and unrivaled craftsmanship.


We promise never to use cheaper materials, rush an installation, or disregard local code restrictions. The Owner, Andrew, is directly involved in every step of the process; The bid, project management, and result. We understand that many of our home improvement services are not minor changes to your home but rather significant investments. You have probably come across words like “experienced” or “trustworthy” while looking for a home improvement company. Finally, we put our terms into action. When in doubt, contact us for assistance.

Many factors influence the best course of action for skylight repair or replacement. Therefore, it is always best to consult a professional to make the best decision for your home.  A professional can assess the damage and recommend the best skylight repair and replacement action. Our specialty is repairing and replacing skylights.

Regarding skylight repair or replacement, Washington Roofing Services is the best option. We provide a wide range of roofing services, and our skilled technicians will collaborate with you to determine the best solution for your home.

Our track record of excellence and dedication to our customers. Call us Now for a free estimate for our top-notch services in Marysville, Mt. Vernon, Camano, Everett, Arlington, Smokey Point, and Stanwood.